“This was the first time we have used Howzat and I can honestly say that we won’t even bother looking anywhere else in future. Everything about the tour from pre-departure to arrival back home was absolutely faultless. (Ok, I’m overlooking the 2 Test defeats we witnessed!!). The hotels were top quality and the transfers (airport and cricket) were all seamless. The Golden Triangle tour that we did between the cricket was truly amazing and has left us with experiences and memories that will never ever be forgotten. But what really makes the ultimate unforgettable tour is the people: Firstly, the Tour Managers Bob, Des, Carl, Charlie and Maggie (plus Ross who was ‘off duty’) were truly amazing people who I cannot praise highly enough. They have a wonderful gift of not treating people as ‘customers’, but treating them as ‘friends’. They really made such a huge difference from anything we have experienced before with other tours. Secondly, our fellow tourists. What a fantastic group we had with some wonderful people. A great mix of company which lead to great laughs, great days and great nights. It is easy to see how many great friendships are formed on these tours – and why people keep returning again and again to use Howzat. An amazing tour to an incredible country and countless memories that will last forever. I can’t wait for our next tour even though I don’t know which it will be – but I can be certain that wherever it is we’ll be going with Howzat.”
    Shaun & Jo Fisher

    “It was very easy to have a productive conversation with the Howzat team, who were most helpful. Quite the opposite from the ‘call centre’ mentality you get from many organisations. The welcome pack was useful and well thought out. The value of using an exceptional tour organiser was amply demonstrated by the handling of the delay problem at Delhi airport on the return trip. An excellent tour. I will be back at some point, I’m sure!”
    Bernard Thornton

    “Howzat Travel kept up their high standards throughout the tour. Although their help was the VISA problem I had saved the day. Our tour manager, Carl, was outstanding in the face of flight changes, the demonetisation issue and helped find us new seats in the stadium when the drummer started right next to us! He went above and beyond the call of duty. Howzat Travel got everything right and the usual friendly, professional manner. I believe Howzat Travel are the best cricket tour company around and when I wear the merchandise around the county circuit, that’s what I tell people when they ask.”
    David Lowe

    “Everything went like clockwork, which helped enormously as I travelled alone. The sightseeing option, Kerala, was well worth visiting. Carl was brilliant, to have to deal with the problems thrown up by the currency issue must have been challenging, he deals with everything with patience and practicality, and never loses his sense of humour…. which is imperative I think. I will definitely recommend Howzat Travel.”
    Linda Glover

    “The office were incredibly helpful. We emailed and rang with several queries and every one was answered quickly and positively.  We loved the inspection report, which was very helpful when thinking about what to take and wear. Our tour managers could not do enough for us. They even made a driver available to take us first to the hospital and then to a pharmacy in search of emergency medication. Also, the tour dinner was brought forward one day. I don’t know whether this was because we mentioned that we would not be able to attend on the last day of the test, when it was originally scheduled, or not. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was the case though because they bent over backwards to be helpful. The whole experience was great. Certainly a lot better than another sports tour company we used for the Ashes in 2013 /14. I will definitely enquire with Howzat travel for the next New Zealand tour!”
    Alex Crawshaw

    “This was the first time I had travelled with Howzat and I was impressed from start to finish. I did not have to concern myself with anything other than enjoy the fabulous sights and sounds of India. Superbly organised. Thank you for all your hard work.”
    Sally Hough

    “Another great tour, apart from the cricket. The organisation was exemplary from start to finish. Great crowd on the tour, I really enjoyed myself.”
    Vivien Carroll

    “This was my second Howzat Travel cricket tour; I loved this trip to India and thank you for providing the opportunity. The group socialised really well and, as a single traveller, thank everyone for their company and involvement which helped me to enjoy the experience. Phil our Tour Manager was great and despite what India threw at him he remained calm and confident giving us the reassurance needed. (It may be that he was like the proverbial swan, calm above water but thrashing about below the surface!)”
    Paul Johnson

    “We undertook the Golden Triangle tour, due to some help from Ian and Car in the office helping us decide! We thought sitting on coaches for that length of time would be onerous, but there was so much to see! It was an amazing experience. The tour managers were a lovely bunch! Organisation without regimentation, advice rather than instruction, all done with humour and a wide subject knowledge. The tour far exceeded expectations. We were concerned about travelling with a group, as we haven’t done this before, but by the end of the tour we had made some really good friends. It was perfect. We put our names down for Sri Lanka in 2018 before we left Mumbai! Thank you to Maggie, Des, Carl and Charlie. Lovely people and very dedicated tour managers. They “made” the whole trip.”
    Chris & Lindsay Thorne

    “Howzat is a first class business that offers real value for money without skimping on quality.”
    Stan Tucker

    “Bob was outstanding- always cheerful, helping, solving problems and did a terrific job. We didnt see so much of Carl but he seemed to be fantastically well organised- great problem solver and saved our lives money changing at the ground in Vizag! I also particularly liked Ian’s pre tour report and the flexibility of Howzat in tailoring tours- this is a clincher for me in the choice of company.”

    “Without Howzat’s input in the UK I would probably have struggled in getting my VISA. The pre-tour report was very helpful and accurate, they choose two fantastic hotels and we were very well looked after. Carl, our tour manager, never ran for cover and did everything he could at every opportunity to ensure the trip was enjoyable and stress free. His communications could not be faulted and kept us up to date with everything that was going on. He was hard working and always available, top man. All in all, this tour really was a bargin! Howzat Travel have increased their numbers year on year, but still retains that tailored personal feel, this makes it truly excellent value.”
    John Hargreaves

    “We wanted to have a mix of cricket plus our own opportunity to travel independently. The Howzat team couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating. Many thanks!”
    John and Sue Ivey

    “Our tour manager was very helpful and organised, always present and dealt with the demonetisation very well. Our farewell meal on the last day was a very memorable event, a great way to round off a very enjoyable trip. I will certainly use Howzat Travel again!”
    Peter Hamilton

    “Our second Howzat tour, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Very well organised, despite the government’s sudden abolition of the currency on our first day. Hotels, transfers and match seating were impeccable and we made some good friends. We will be returning without a doubt.”
    Ross & Alison Midgley

    “Howzat Travel were able to accommodate my tailored itinerary with no problems. They put us in top hotels and our tour manager, Bob was very friendly. He made it clear if we ever needed or wanted anything to let him know, he joined in the post-match drinks and was a good laugh. I was more than happy with the figure I paid for this tour. I have always wanted to do India and to have the safety net of Howzat behind you took any worries away. I would definitely recommend Howzat Travel.”
    Peter Barker

    “I had a great time. Very pleased I went not only for the cricket but the companionship and the experience.”
    Ted Booth

    “This was my third tour with Howzat Travel made memorable by the Chandigarh (Mohali) and Mumbai Test Matches and visits to Shimla and Amritsar. The Howzat Travel team deserve my warmest thanks for making the Tour (in the land of Ranji and Duleep) not only an unqualified success, but also hugely enjoyable and great fun! I would like to add that I was extremely impressed by the courtesy and sheer professionalism showed by the Howzat Travel team in the way the team expertly handled such disparate problems as the Visa saga, the rupee debacle and the eccentric allocation of Test Match tickets. Once again, my thanks for everything! I look forward to my next trip with Howzat Travel to the Antipodes!”
    Arthur de Sybel

    “The information received from the office in the UK was spot on. The match transfers and tickets were fantastic, the hotel was brilliant, our tour manager was superb and in terms of value for money it was very good. My only regret is not having used Howzat Travel before!”
    Neil Kinnon

    “Excellent throughout.”
    Chris Ashton

    “Howzat Travel offered very detailed and informative pre-travel information with great flexibility and Shimla & Amritsar both provided excellent sightseeing opportunities. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole tour and felt that Howzat did an excellent job throughout, particularly taking into account matters like the demonetarisation problem.”
    Terry & Margaret Bigby

    “The Howzat Travel inspection report was extremely useful prior to the trip. While on the ground, the company’s efforts to get us from a 4 ½ hours delayed flight, onto our international flight on time was fantastic. I have already recommended Howzat Travel on a number of occasions and will continue to do so.”
    Geoff Marshall

    “This was our fifth tour with Howzat & probably won’t be the last! All at Howzat do so much to ensure travel and choice of hotels are good and make every tour memorable for their travellers. Our decision to go to India was more or less taken on the toss of a coin, we are so glad we took the opportunity to visit this amazing country and to catch up with new and old friends from previous tours! Howzat – we don’t hold you responsible in any way for the cricket results! Thanks to Carl and Des – our tour managers – for the first three tests. As others have mentioned, this tour was not without its challenges, from the fellow travellers who managed to stock our bar for our friendly group in Rajkot every evening, to Carl who managed to find ways of keeping us supplied with rupees when our money was worthless. The Golden Triangle tour was a dream come true. A truly memorable tour and thanks to Carl – on his first trip to India –  for his efforts  to make sure the Howzat travellers had a hassle free time in India.”
    John & Deirdre Drelaud

    “I really enjoyed it!”
    David Rance

    “Superb approach to all aspects of the tour and from the arrival in India to departure, I cannot recommend Howzat highly enough. Hotels were of the highest quality, transfers on time, staff helpful… I cannot fault any aspects of this tour and look forward to next seasons cricket tour. Thanks again!”
    Derek Lavill

    “Carl was calm and organised at all times. Very helpful guiding us through the problems caused by the cash crisis. A 100% win percentage, would be unfair to demand. So just keep up the good work and continue to overshadow your opposition.”
    John Phillips

    “In spite of the tour being “full”, Howzat went out of their way to find a way for us to join them. Both hotels were excellent and I would be happy to stay at either again. Carl and Bob did an excellent job in trying circumstances caused by the currency crisis. Overall it was a first-class tour arranged by Howzat Travel.”
    Stephen Dennison

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Very good value for money and roll on the next trip!”
    Robert Lancaster

    “Phil was brilliant, a real diamond. India is not an easy country but he coped well with every situation that was thrown at him. Very patient and sensitive to the needs of the group. Good sense of humour, which always helps!”
    Ian Emerson and Carolyn Sprott

    “I asked for a “tailored tour” thinking it may be a problem but Howzat had no hesitation in arranging! Our tour managers were brilliant, Charlie and Des (Robert Redford look alike) on the Golden Triangle tour along with Carl and Maggi at Mumbai were all you could hope for. It was an extremely well organised tour. I’m already looking forward to Sri Lanka!”
    Jeff Moore

    “All the tour information is received in good time before the journey and all tickets for flights are clearly displayed in the ‘pack’. Every hotel was just incredible. If anything they got better as tour moved on though it didn’t seem possible. They were all just amazing. Every member of the team are brilliant. A huge thank you to Carl, Bob, Des, Nick, Maggi and Charlie! A brilliant tour – again!!! Roll on the next one. Thank you!”
    Stephen Haycock

    “Another cracking tour – such a shame the England team didn’t perform better. Very good events in Mohali with Aggers and Victor. Thank you!”
    Graham Francis

    “Another well organised trip with brilliant ground handlers. Another superb farewell dinner, so many real friendships are made on Howzat tours and that is the reason people keep coming back.”

    “Cricket in India is hard work! But India is a fascinating country of extremes, we were blown away by the Golden Triangle seeing seven world heritage sites in four days, the scale and beauty of what we saw was memorable. Staying at the Taj Palace was also memorable, the service and attention to detail is unrivalled. Sadly the cricket was not memorable but that did not stop us with having another great tour with Howzat. We will hopefully see you in Sri Lanka!”
    Liz & Dave Lynch

    “Carl and Maggi were excellent, professional and helpful. Howzat have a good formula, the thing that makes the difference is the tour managers. I probably enjoyed this one as much or more than any other I have been on!”

    “The hotels were exceptional and Maggi’s attention to details was quite remarkable!”
    David Grierson

    “Simply thank you for a job well done. Your main asset is your personal contact with clients. In this tech age it is almost unique!”
    Margaret Jobling

    “Quality of hotels, tourist packages arranged and quality of tour reps made this an unforgettable and amazing trip.”
    Nick & Liz Morton

    “Howzat Travel were excellent as usual.”
    Anthony Townsend

    “Our 3rd Overseas Trip with Howzat and our first experience of back to back Test Matches. India was an incredible experience. Testament to Howzat that everything went smoothly. Once again met some lovely fellow tourists. Thoroughly enjoyable.”
    David & Marion Inglis

    “The staff at Howzat in the UK were brilliant at responding to my request for help to arrange this as a complete surprise for my husband. Even before I decided to book with them (my initial contact was about how I might get tickets for the Test), they were helpful and friendly. They were all great and didn’t make me feel a fool because I didn’t know a thing about cricket!”
    Debbie Smail