“Even though this was my first tour with Howzat Travel I would strongly recommend them to anyone. The whole tour was fantastic and the tour atmosphere was excellent.”
    Paul Humphreys

    “It was good to be with a group of people ranging from those experts who have been all over the world following cricket, through those who knew a little, to me with only very limited knowledge of cricket and there mainly to support my husband. I had no idea cricket could be SO exciting! I also feel that the balance between cricket and cultural visits etc was just right and added to my enjoyment of the trip. All the members of the party were very helpful, friendly and informative as was Des. We gelled as a group and this always helps. Pre-departure information was excellent – it was very helpful having the pre-tour report from the visit Des made prior to our trip. Keep up the good work!”
    Judith Follows

    “Howzat Travel’s approach made them stand out – they are ones to be used ahead of other tour companies. The group had a good mix and I had some nice conversations with the younger and older members of the group. Accommodation was perfect – allowed a mix of enjoying the facilities but also allowed a bit of downtime in luxury hotel / room.”
    Dipesh Shah

    “Better value than other companies! Very well put-together – a good balance of cricket and leisure. There’s only one Des Newton!!”
    David Coram