“Everything was organised perfectly and prepared meticulously, so I can’t fault it. The peace of mind in having everything organised for you is priceless as it makes for a far more relaxing time. Ian was fantastic and a great host; he made us feel welcome and was prepared to put himself out for his customers, which was well appreciated. The trip was everything I hoped it would be and I was also pleasantly surprised by how friendly and sociable the majority of the other people were. My appetite is certainly whetted for attending future tours…”
    Jon Godfrey

    “Just to say we enjoyed the blog and photos. Congratulations on a trip well-organised in sometimes difficult circumstances, which we all enjoyed.”
    Sandra Spence

    “Ian’s a top man and I really enjoyed the tour and the company.”
    David Lumb

    “We enjoyed the Bangladesh trip and, as Howzat virgins, it was made so much better by our very friendly travelling companions. We would certainly hope to travel with you again.”
    Rob & Sue Carkett

    “The tour of Bangladesh will live in my memory for a long time, not just for the sights and sounds but also the friendship of my fellow travellers. This was indeed a great tour and an education. 10/10.”
    David, Nottingham

    “Thanks very much for the tour; it was well organised and had a good mix of people. I really enjoyed it and the only pity was that I didn’t have longer over there. As a confirmed DIY man when it comes to cricket tours, I certainly would not have expected to use your company again in future unless it was for a similar tour, but I might have to think twice now. All the best.”
    Richard Nichols

    “Congratulations to you on a really well-run tour in a challenging location. The choice of local agents, the value of the inspection tour and the detailed preparation you did came through in the excellence of the hotels and transport arrangements. I will certainly recommend Howzat Travel.”
    Rod Homer

    “Thanks for sorting everything at the last minute, I really enjoyed the trip.”
    Nick Towers